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You want to get into the high-speed battle to become a big-time blader ? Then you've come to the right place to start. Here you'll find the best Beyblade toys and all the accessories in the universe you need to train !

Beyblade Burst : a third generation of toys with a lot of surprise !

With the Beyblade Bakuten Shoot and Beyblade Metal Fight series having been an international success, it was natural to see the franchise get a third saga. Beyblade Burst was thus born in April 2017 and brings its share of new features to the world of Beyblade Toys.

The Burst System offers players the ability to smash the opponent's top during its battle. This is a new way to score points in a battle! Previously, it was enough to simply eject the opponent's top from the Beyblade arena, or to be the last to spin in order to score a point. The Burst System allows you to score two points in one round, while providing spectacular effects for players and the audience.

In the Burst System, the different spinning top classes are kept. There are still the attack type spinning tops, the defense type spinning tops, the endurance type spinning tops and the balance type spinning tops.


Discover the Beyblade Burst Superking toys !

The year 2020 was full of surprises, Beyblade Burst offered us the joy of a fifth season with its share of new features and surprises. In this new system called the Superking Layer System, the spinning tops are bigger, heavier, and have new parts. In keeping with the Gatinko system, the energy layer of the Superking spinning tops will consist of a Superking chip, ring and chassis.

In addition to the new spinning tops and the Superking system, Takara Tomy offers us new Beyblade Burst launchers: the sparklers! The principle is quite simple, by throwing your top in the stadium, two metal rods will rub at high speed on a pumice disk and produce sparks.

But that's not all! The brand lets us know that the Superking launchers will be the best Beyblade launchers ! Indeed, these are string launchers, which allow to launch with a considerable power, and the length of the string of these launchers allows to make up to eleven revolutions of the spinning top at the time of launching, which is the maximum today!

Buy a Beyblade Burst Rise Toy

The fourth season of the Beyblade Burst animated series, Beyblade Burst Rise is the continuation of a thrilling adventure and will introduce you to new characters, new Beyblade Toys, bigger and more powerful ! It's also the arrival of a new operating system, the HyperSphere system, which is based on the performance peaks of these spinning tops to interact with the floor of this generation's arenas.
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