Beyblade Burst Ultimate

Beyblade Burst Ultimate is the latest iteration of the popular Beyblade toy and anime franchise. The game is played with spinning tops called "Beyblades," which are made up of a spinning disc called a "Blade Base," a weight ring called a "Layer," and a "Performance Tip" at the bottom. Players battle each other by spinning their Beyblades and trying to knock the opponent's Beyblade out of the arena, or "stadium."

Customize your Beyblades

In Beyblade Burst Ultimate, players can collect and customize their own Beyblades, choosing different parts to create unique combinations with different abilities and strategies. The game also features a single player story mode, where players can battle against computer-controlled opponents and unlock new Beyblades and parts as they progress.

Beyblade Burst Ultimate Digital version 

In addition to the physical toy line, Beyblade Burst Ultimate also has a digital version available on mobile devices and consoles. This version allows players to battle against each other online and participate in global tournaments.

The Beyblade Burst Ultimate anime series follows the story of a young Blader named Valt Aoi, who dreams of becoming the best Beyblader in the world. Along with his friends and rival bladers, Valt embarks on a journey to hone his skills and reach the top.

Whether playing with physical toys or in the digital game, Beyblade Burst Ultimate offers exciting gameplay and a rich universe for fans to explore and enjoy.